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Building Recycling Programs

Recycling programs for any building, from single units to skyscrapers

Property Managers face many challenges while managing multi-tenant office buildings, one of which is waste and recycling service. Recycling Industries has been servicing the recycling needs of many of Sacramento’s largest, busiest, and most diverse properties for decades. We specialize in creating recycling programs that can work across a wide variety of tenants, schedules, systems and demands. We help you meet the needs of your tenants, while minimizing costs and even help decreasing waste expenses. If you are a Property Manager wanting to explore a new or improved Building Recycling Program, call us today and let us show you the many options available.

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Scheduled Pickup

On time, on budget, hassle-free pickup service…at your service


We can create a regular pickup schedule for your recyclables. You have enough to worry about, having your recycling picked up on schedule doesn’t need to be one of them.  We have an entire fleet of trucks dedicated to picking up our clients’ recycling and some of the most experienced and professional drivers on the road today. And because we have four locations across the Sacramento, Yuba-Sutter area, we reduce fuel expenses which lowers your costs, while also decreasing transport emissions. Monthly, weekly, daily and even on-demand service options are available.  On time, on budget, and less emissions — what more could you ask for? Call us to set up your scheduled pickup today.

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Air collection Systems

We make “going down the tubes” a good thing!

Air systems can greatly reduce downtime, decrease expenses, increase productivity, and even promote greater safety. By blowing recyclable waste through a system of tubes directly into a compactor/baler system you can virtually eliminate the clean up process. Depending on your production levels, you may be in the need for a full-scale air/vacuum system to automatically collect, compact, & bale your recyclable paper for you. If so, Recycling Industries can fully equip your facilities. Call us today for a free consultation about improving your systems with an air system custom designed for you.

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Balers & Compactors

Crushing costs to make a BIG impact on your recycling program

If you process a high volume of recyclables, you may benefit from the installation of a baler or compactor.  Many of our larger clients have found greater efficiency and productivity through the use of either a baler system or compactor system. Our expert consultants can design a system customized to your company, help train your employees on the proper use, and show you the cost benefits. Need to take control over your recyclables? Call us today for a free evaluation.

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Office Recycling

Reduce waste, reduce expenses and maybe even create new revenue

Office Recycling is a great way to reduce costs, increase morale, create greater accountability and promote overall productivity.  It’s true — all this from what seems like just a bunch of trash!

Office recycling programs have many benefits, from reduced costs, increased morale of employees, plus rippling benefits outside the office and into the surrounding community. Recycling reduces waste, boosts your company’s image and increases overall office efficiency. Recycling programs provide the entire company the ability to increase energy efficiency and help reduce the problematic impact of society on the planet.


Because recycling can reduce the amount of waste produced in an office space, it can in turn save your company money. Certain recycling efforts could even produce profit. For example, collecting and redeeming empty aluminum cans could produce enough revenue to provide the office with coffee or soda.

Beginning or improving your office recycling program is easier than you think. Call today to learn just how easy it can be.

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Waste Consulting

Let us help you find gold in your garbage.

Want to lower your waste expenses and increase your recycling revenues, but don’t want to change waste services providers? We can help. We can consult you on strategies to lower waste expenses including bin placement, materials handling, scheduling, staff training, awareness training, etc. all without having to switch waste services provider.  Call us today to find out how easy it is to save money on your waste services..

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Don’t throw away that old monitor, printer, computer or other electronics! Instead, bring them to Recycling Industries and let us recycle them for you!

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Green I$ Good

It’s true that one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure! We’re proud to do our part in protecting the wondrous planet we live on, and rewarding you financially for doing it too.  Stemming from our philosophy of environmental responsibility plus customer incentive, our motto is,  “GREEN I$ GOOD!”  Recycling is beneficial to our Earth and everyone on it, and we think it should be financially beneficial as well.  That’s why we strive to make recycling easy, affordable and sometimes even profitable for you.

Recycling is beneficial to our Earth, and we think it should be financially beneficial too.  So we’ve made it easy, affordable, and even profitable for you.

Bring your recyclables to any of our four locations to receive the best redemption rates available!

Materials We Accept

We accept a variety of recyclable materials:

  • Aluminum cans
  • Cardboard
  • eWaste
  • Glass 
  • Plastic Bottles #1 – #7
  • Paper
  • Plastic
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