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45 Years Of Recycling Excellence With Quality At Its Best!

As the largest recycler in the Yuba-Sutter area, we only aim for one thing: leading the way to better recycling service, and that has led to our remarkable growth. 

Recycling Industries has the rare distinction of being the fastest-growing recycler and largest exporter of recyclable paper fiber in the area, and we owe it all to our loyal customers and our insistence on the quality they’ve come to expect from their recycling partner. 

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Everything we do is designed to make recycling easier and more profitable for you.


We can help your business thrive by streamlining your waste management solutions.


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We eat, sleep, and breathe recycling in order to provide you with unparalleled service, expertise, and passion… Yes, we said it, recycling passion.

Introducing our new Transfer Station!

Our new transfer station is open and ready to serve our community! Now, instead of hauling your trash to “the dumps” outside Marysville, you can bring it to Recycling Industries and we’ll take care of it for you.

A transfer station is a location for residents, businesses, and garbage haulers to bring their waste items. In turn, we take that waste to the appropriate disposal locations.

First, you’ll start at the first weigh station. We’ll weigh your vehicle “heavy”. Then you’ll unload your items and proceed to the second weigh station where we will weigh your vehicle “light”. You drive away happy! 

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Building Recycling Programs

Recycling programs for any building, from single units to skyscrapers

Property Managers face many challenges while managing multi-tenant office buildings, one of which is waste and recycling service. Recycling Industries has been servicing the recycling needs of many of Sacramento’s largest, busiest, and most diverse properties for decades. We specialize in creating recycling programs that can work across a wide variety of tenants, schedules, systems and demands. We help you meet the needs of your tenants, while minimizing costs and even help decreasing waste expenses. If you are a Property Manager wanting to explore a new or improved Building Recycling Program, call us today and let us show you the many options available.

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