About Us

45 Green Years!

Our history of helping make your recycling easier and more beneficial started over 45 years ago. Our founder and CEO, Scott Kuhnen, set out to make recycling (a relatively unheard of thing back then) not just something to consider doing, but something people wanted to do.  Scott started by erecting a simple, wooden roadside newspaper deposit bin.  

Since those humble beginnings, we have worked tirelessly to fulfill that original vision and as a result have become one of California’s largest and fastest growing recyclers. Even with all the growth we’ve enjoyed, we still pride ourselves most on the foundation we were built on — honest, friendly and dependable service!

Our people are our secret (shh, don't tell our competitors!)

As our General Manager, David Kuhnen likes to say, “We simply have a make-it-happen attitude, and we never underestimate the value of plain hard work.” A Make-it-happen attitude is what makes Recycling Industries unique. What truly sets us apart is the problem-solving spirit our people bring to every aspect of our company, especially our customer relationships.  From our sorters to our drivers to our executive team, we’re always looking for ways to help your recycling processes work smoother, more efficiently, be more profitable, and hopefully have a little more fun along the way. 

The Kuhnen Family has been striving to create greater standards in recycling for over 40 years at Recycling industries in Sacramento.

We will never stop improving. Period.


LEARN MORE about our history – its origin, its purpose, and how we are different from all other recyclers! This is the way recycling should be done.

Building Recycling Programs

Recycling programs for any building, from single units to skyscrapers

Property Managers face many challenges while managing multi-tenant office buildings, one of which is waste and recycling service. Recycling Industries has been servicing the recycling needs of many of Sacramento’s largest, busiest, and most diverse properties for decades. We specialize in creating recycling programs that can work across a wide variety of tenants, schedules, systems and demands. We help you meet the needs of your tenants, while minimizing costs and even help decreasing waste expenses. If you are a Property Manager wanting to explore a new or improved Building Recycling Program, call us today and let us show you the many options available.

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